Why Ice Hockey

Hockey's Global Fandom

With over 2 billion fans worldwide, hockey ranks among the top three most popular sports. It's a sport of passion, excitement, and unexpected moments.

The Hockey Gap

Despite hockey's global appeal, sports gaming has struggled to capture the essence of the sport. The EA NHL franchise may come to mind, but we believe there's room for something more.

Superverse Games Steps In

At Superverse Games, we're here to change the game. We're collaborating with hockey enthusiasts to create Winter League, a fantasy hockey experience that fans have longed for.

Introducing Winter League

Winter League isn't just another hockey video game. It's a game-changer that mirrors the electrifying unpredictability of real hockey matches. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the sport, Winter League invites you to take control, shape your destiny, and forge your path to greatness on the ice.

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