Winter League - Game Overview

Welcome to the world of Winter League, a thrilling 5v5 ice hockey fantasy video game on the BSC Network powered by Superverse Games and made by Unreal Engine. We're excited to take you on a journey through this unique gaming experience, where you'll have the power to shape your destiny on and off the ice.

Winter League - A Game Like No Other

In Winter League, you will step into a world where strategy, customization, and ownership reign supreme. Your primary challenge is to assemble a formidable team of 5 Skaters from an expansive roster of characters, each with their unique abilities and attributes. The decision won't be an easy one, but it's the first step towards becoming a Winter League champion.

Unleash Your Creativity

What truly sets Winter League apart is the unparalleled level of customization it offers. Dive into the Metaverse and stake your claim by owning land, build your own dazzling Arena, curate your dream team, and enhance your Skaters to match your vision. The power to shape your gaming experience is in your hands.

A Visual Feast

Prepare to be mesmerized by Winter League's stunning graphics, which draw inspiration from beloved titles such as Overwatch, Omega Strikers, and Riot Games: Project L. Our goal is to provide you with a visual experience that is second to none, immersing you in a breathtaking world of ice hockey fantasy.

Unmatched Gameplay

The heart of Winter League lies in its gameplay, which takes inspiration from fan-favorite titles like Mario Strikers: Battle League. However, we're not content with replicating the past. We're committed to creating a gaming experience that transcends these inspirations, offering you something new, exciting, and memorable.

Your Assets, Your Control

One of the groundbreaking aspects of Winter League is that you are the sole owner of all in-game Assets. These valuable digital treasures will reside securely in your wallet, giving you complete control and the ability to transfer them as you see fit. Your digital property is your own to manage and grow.

Earning Beyond Play

In Winter League, it's not just about playing; it's about thriving. Compete in tournaments and rise through the ranks to claim your share of the winnings. But that's not all; you can also generate income by creating and sharing content within the Winter League community. Your passion for the game can be rewarded in more ways than one.


The game will be playable on PC (Windows), Mac (OSX), Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox and Mobile (iOS and Android). All platforms are fully interoperable and allow for cross-play. Players can use multiple platforms for gameplay - for instance, they can continue their PC game session on their mobile phone when on the go or can use their mobile phones to respond to and sign crypto transaction requests they see in their Game Client or Wallet.
We invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us. Winter League is more than just a game; it's an immersive experience, a canvas for your creativity, and a platform for financial opportunities. This whitepaper will take you deeper into the Winter League universe, exploring its intricacies and opportunities. So, let's get started and uncover the magic of Winter League!
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